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Ingold Tree Service Inc. specializes in Tree Removals and Tree Maintenance in the Waterloo region and surrounding areas, including Cambridge and Kitchener. Our services provided to homeowners and businesses are Tree  Removals, Trimming, Stump Grinding, Mulch Delivery, Lot Clearing and Wood Lot Management.

Certified Arborist’s on Staff to ensure professional arboricultural standards.


24-Hour Emergency Tree Services

Our team is available 24 hours a day to provide emergency tree removal services. As a reminder: if a tree branch is resting on or near a hydro power line or communication line always assume the line is energized ( live ) and dangerous and never attempt to go near it call 911 immediately.

Ingold Tree Service Inc. Celebrating 58 Years of Service to the Region of Waterloo

Have a Beautiful, Healthy Property

Not only do healthy trees add value to your property they also promote a sense of security knowing you are maintaining a healthy and safe environment. Ingold Tree Service Inc. offers tree and shrub inspections. Many of our clients prefer to do a tour of their property with our sales representative to get a personal account of the condition of their trees and shrubs.

Putting Your Safety First

As an experienced company, dedicated to the safety of our employee’s, our clients and the public you can be assured of a professional and efficient operation. All of Ingold’s aerial lift specialist, climbing technicians, and groundsman has undergone professional training in chainsaw handling and safe work practices.


Seasoned Hardwood, seasoned campfire wood, delivery or pick up available.


  • Tree Removals
  • Right of Way Maintenance and Wood Lot Management
  • Tree Care
  • Stump Griding
  • Mulch and Firewood