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Should I remove or trim my stressed tree ?

My father was taught by his employer over 60 years ago to always recommend trimming a tree even if it was in decline. The reason being, if you removed the tree your job was eliminated for the future, however trimming at least enabled the possibility of continued work . Ingold Tree Service Inc. disagrees with this concept depending on the species if a tree is in decline and in a compromising location it is best to remove it before it is fully dead creating a much more dangerous removal increasing the removal teams liability and increasing the clients cost.

Best time to remove or trim a tree ?

Trimming or dead wooding for most species can be done any time of the year. Certain species must be done late fall or when they are dormant, upon inspection of your tree or just by the knowing your species our certified arborist would be able to recommend what time of year would be best to trim your tree.

Removals can be performed any time of year ( our saws are always sharp ) so what ever works best for you, but remember the longer you wait the more dangerous the removal gets.

Do I need a Permit ?

In the Region of Waterloo there are bylaws involving wood lots and heritage trees. Our laws are constantly changing so if a permit was required we would submit the necessary information and obtain the permit before proceeding .

Is there value in any wood from my tree ?

Ingold Tree Service Inc. recycles all our wood and wood chips. Our estimator builds a credit for your wood into every quotation. It is a hidden credit that provides our clients with a more complete and cleaner job site when we leave. We are glad to cut up your wood and leave it on site if you feel you are capable of dealing with it.

What kind of equipment is used ?

Every job is different so we must have various pieces of equipment. We have brush chippers to dispose of the tree branches, towable and self propelled stump grinders to eliminate your stumps. We have aerial trucks , dump trucks and often use a crane or boom truck to remove trees in tricky locations. Our climbers are equipped with the latest climbing techniques, ropes and lowering devices to trim or remove your tree safely and efficiently.

Hydro is close to my tree ?

Hydro is called ” The Silent Killer” Our employee’s are trained to observe and remain a safe work distance from hydro lines. If we have to go within the safe work zone to trim or remove a tree we must contact hydro for a free power disconnect and reconnect so we can work safely and go home each day.