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Ingold Tree Service Inc. Is proud of our capability of recycling all of our waste material.


Mulch Delivery

Ingold Tree Service Inc. offers mulch sales to Cambridge homes and businesses. If you’re looking to enrich the soil and promote growth and stability to your trees or shrubs, call Ingold Tree Service Inc. for a price on a delivery to your location.

Healthy Soil, Healthy Plants

Most home and business owners know that landscape mulch does wonders to enhance the health, beauty, and longevity of trees and plants. Ingold Tree Service Inc. offers affordable priced mulch for flowerbeds, walkways, tree, and shrubs.

Our natural mulch make it easy to consistently improve the health of your soil and plants. Don’t miss out on this landscaping essential!

Firewood Delivery

Ingold Tree Service Inc. provides excellent quality seasoned split Hardwood firewood. We also provide Campfire Wood . Delivery is available at any time of the year or you can pick up the wood from our yard while supplies last. All firewood is processed by Ed Ingold the founder of this company. At eighty eight years old and still working every day ( because he wants too ) we all think he is an inspiration and admire his work ethics. Ed is so proud too show you each of his clients wood pile, split and piled to their preference for next years delivery.

Order your firewood early to avoid disappointment !

Call Susan today for a price and schedule your delivery.